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Bobby  Brooks property uses many multiple listing services worldwide to assist our  clients in located the perfect property for their budget, in a specified location. Bobby Brooks Property CO-OPS with all properly licensed or  registered Companies  in South East Asia and Thailand

For more than 100 years, real estate brokers have worked together to help sell listings. In the pre-digital days, brokers kept “listing books” full of their local board’s available properties, which allowed each broker to promote a wider range of homes than he or she represented individually. The result was faster-moving inventory for the entire board, and everyone won. The service was (and still is) opt-in: brokers choose which listings to cross-promote. But results don’t lie, and the vast majority of properties wound up in the book.

Eventually, the listing book gave way to a brokers-only digital database, which improved performance and accuracy. When the Web came along, real estate boards acknowledged the necessity of a consumer interface, providing plug-in solutions that let users search its inventory, or licensing third-party software vendors to provide similar services.

Technology disruption in real estate is a very volatile topic, so let’s be clear about what this article is not saying. We’re not saying the Internet will eliminate the need for agents. It’s already changed the way they do their jobs, but houses aren’t cars, so an expert voice will always be important.



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We aim to be the best business dealing with all of your property needs in Pattaya and Jomtien.

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As a review for Bobby Brooks Realty I have to give them a 10. I was given a great deal of advice which all panned out in fact. As well as giving me good solid showings of desirable listings rather than the standard trying to way up sell me. Miss Dew was never late or ever in a bad mood. I must say that I used Miss Dewey well above what she would be expected to do. I would be happy to recommend Bobby Brooks Realty to anyone without any doubt or hesitation. The services are excellent.

- Bob Saville

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